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Care for mothers and babies, starting with improving indoor air quality!

Time:2018-12-24 Views:482
Mothers and infants can be said to be the most vulnerable population, especially newborns, but the indoor and outdoor air quality is really worrying, air pollution is becoming increasingly serious, whether indoor or outdoor, people‘s healthy breathing is constantly threatened.

According to the research report, carbon nanoparticles in PM2.5 have obvious damage to the first pregnant women. Haze contains a large number of particulate pollutants such as PM2.5. Inhalation of human body can induce respiratory diseases, especially maternal and infant immunity weakness, which is more vulnerable to damage, resulting in abortion rate as high as 70%.

In order to breathe more fresh air and bask in the sun, some pregnant women like to go out for a walk every day. Don‘t you know that outdoor air pollution is so serious that it endangers the healthy development of fetuses and even leads to abortion? Unfortunately, expectant mothers have to go home to "hide" or they have to become murderers of their relatives and children.

The decrease of outdoor sports means the increase of indoor activities. The serious outdoor air pollution makes it impossible to open windows and ventilate. Sometimes the exhaust gas from human activities, harmful gas from furniture, smoke from cooking, etc. can not be discharged in time. Fresh air is not delivered in time. When the indoor air is not circulating, its pollution degree is comparable to that of outdoor pollution. People are prone to dizziness, vomiting, hypoxia symptoms, and even respiratory diseases.

Ordinary people still like this, let alone pregnant expectant mothers? Their resistance is weaker than ordinary people, and their babies are even more vulnerable. Therefore, it is essential to keep the indoor air fresh and provide new breathing environment for expectant mothers and babies.

To solve indoor air pollution, of course, need air purification equipment to help, can purify PM2.5 and other haze particles, but also decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other decoration pollutants, effectively purify dust mites and all kinds of harmful odors, no ozone hazards, low noise, is a good choice to protect children‘s respiratory system, care for the health of mothers and infants.

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